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Hi! I’m Teresa of Teresa’s Turn Now.

About Me Teresa, owner/entrepreneur of the blog Teresa's Turn Now

Teresa’s Turn Now-About Me

Teresa’s Turn Now – About Me will give you some idea of who I am. I’m a 60-year old mom of 3, grandmom of 5, and great grandmom of 1. I know what it is like to be an empty-nester. I am here to help you better understand how to take care of yourself: mind, body, and soul! That sounds like a lot I know! But I do hope I am able to touch on all three areas for YOU!

My Work Experience

 I worked in a daycare center for a while. They mainly had the children watching television or playing outside. The aspiring teacher that I was then, I took advantage of the bulletin boards I saw in the room I was assigned. I began putting up new bulletin boards regularly. I also started doing educational games and activities with the children. After I left, they started a fully running preschool for preschool-aged children.

For several years I worked as an LPN (licensed practical nurse).  My experience was mainly in nursing homes.  I started to college to become a Registered Nurse and was all the way to my clinicals when I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  That was my mother’s dream and I had been trying to live it for her.  So I switched my major.

 After 4 years of hard work, I graduated summa cum laude with my BA in Elementary Education in grades K-8. And I did that with 3 children at home…one of whom was a two-year-old who thought he had to stay awake as long as mommy was up! Now retired from teaching, I still miss teaching my kindergarteners.

What I Have to Share

I’ve faced life’s ups and downs, survived menopause, and lived through 3 teenagers. I am still learning to gain self-confidence, which is something I was never graced with. We as women need to lift each other up. Be there for each other when we have heavy burdens weighing on our hearts. Encourage each other. Give each other support, because let’s face it some of us don’t get any support at home.

We, especially as women over 50 need to take care of our bodies, minds, and souls. Sometimes in that order or sometimes a different one. I want to share how to better take care of your body so you can stay healthier. To share how to better take care of your mind so you can stay keep your mind sharpened. And to take care of your soul to keep you encouraged and find purpose in life and believe in yourself.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful time in your life with me!



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  1. Daniel Mac Sweeney

    Hey Teresa,
    Well done, I love the colours and the structure of your website. I will give you one tip with blogging, don’t have too many tabs in the menu, they don’t get used often…
    This was a big problem that I had on my old website…

    Great blog by the way…

    Daniel Mac Sweeney


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